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How to Raise an NBA Player

How to Raise an NBA Player
written by Jon Sanders

So you think you have a future superstar on your hands, huh? Well, that may or may not be the case... Only time will tell. What I’ll tell you is that all kids are the same in a ton of ways. They all need support, they all need nurture, they all need a childhood, and they all need someone other than themselves to believe in their dreams.

Be open-minded and listen to what your kid wants. They may not tell you, you’ll have to pay extra close attention (the attention they deserve, btw). No matter where one’s talents may lie, their passion is where the gold is. Don’t try to force your kid towards or away from anything, merely provide them with the tools they’ll need to pursue their heart’s goals and you’ll do them a world of good. No matter the field, if a kid gives a focused, undying, joyful effort at something, they will become great at it. So if that thing is basketball, nurture it. If it’s not, let it be.

But now if your little star does have the passion, there are many things you can provide him or her. Remind them what true parenting is: When you love something, you take care of it... no matter what. You feed your baby every day, a few times a day... no exceptions. Why? Because you love it. Why? Because it’s the law, perhaps? Why? Because you must! Well that same NO EXCEPTIONS attitude, that same law, that same ‘because you must’ mentality can and should apply to basketball... that is, of course, if you love it. Ones instilled with that knowledge and perspective at an early enough age have done some truly great things within our sports world.

In addition to J.A.M., there are many leagues around Colorado. There are year around workouts like EPIC Basketball ( that are affordable while having a profound influence on the players involved. Make sure your child isn’t trying to do it on their own. There’s only so far one can go without teachers, no matter the effort. Teach them to make their effort count and to use the time they’re willing to spend in the gym be as efficient and effective as possible.

And lastly, teach them the value of their body. Play through EVERYTHING, but try not to have so much of everything against you. Take care of your body, take care of your grades, and hang around the right people. But that’s only if they love it to that extent. If not, stress to them that it’s ok. Having fun in life is imperative. But if that fun just so happens to be working 150% at basketball for 10 days a week then perhaps you are right ---- Maybe you do have an NBA player on your hands. Good luck!

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